Announcing CargOS 2015.11

, by Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse

After nearly 3 months we're happy to announce the next version of CargOS, 2015.11. This new version comes with many improvements both large and small, though the biggest and most noticeable change is regarding the filesystems/partitions. 

The btrfs filesystem that was used in previous versions of CargOS has been replaced with XFS and ext4 to accommodate further security enhancements as well as the use of OverlayFS for Docker. To make volume management easier in the future we have taken the opportunity to use LVM.

These changes do mean that upgrades with cargos-upgrade will NOT work when updating to 2015.11. A new install will be required.

Furthermore, below are the highlights of updated components:

  • LibreSSL 2.2.3
  • Linux 4.1.13
  • Docker 1.9.1
  • Docker Compose 1.5.1
  • Puppet 3.8.4

Docker 1.9 comes with the new networking plumbing feature; for more information on Docker 1.9 please refer to the official announcement.

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