Let CargOS focus on the core,
so you can focus on your containers

CargOS is a new lightweight, open source, platform for Docker hosts that aims for speed, manageability and security. Releases are built for 64-bit Intel/AMD CPUs.

Consider CargOS the safe harbour for your Docker containers.

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CargOS was designed with simplicity in mind. That means it's stripped from everything that's not essential to running a Docker host. Any extra services should be ran as containers. This allows us to focus on the core, so you can focus on your containers. It currently includes less than 15 additional (signed) packages on top of the Linux kernel, busybox and pkgsrc.

While CargOS is intended to be run on bare metal (the cloud needs to be hosted somewhere too!), it will work just fine in your current virtualized infrastructure too; KVM, VMware, VirtualBox, etc.

While CargOS is primarily an open source system, commercial options are available such as support, custom development and rebranding. Please talk to us about your ideas.

Why choose CargOS

The operating system as a monolithic program is a dead concept. Developers want to deploy an application or a stack of services without having to deal with the underlying operating system. The compartmentalization of applications into containers has been the single biggest paradigm shift since the introduction of cloud computing. You simply pack your application into a container once, ship it to wherever it needs to be deployed, and run it many times.

CargOS makes it even easier to deploy applications by providing the bare minimum layer that's needed in order for you to deploy your containers. No more bloated host operating system running services that are not only unused, but also provide an attack surface. CargOS gives you a Docker host that is intended to run Docker. Anything else goes into your containers. It's as easy as that and as a bonus the reduced package count in the base system reduces maintainance.

Why not use CoreOS? you might say. Frankly, it still contains too many services that are just not really needed and it provides a full operating system with all that comes with it. CargOS takes the minimal approach even furter by stripping out everything that is not essential to the core mission: to run Docker and to run it well.

  • Fast: from zero to Docker in less than 2 minutes (includes optional installation)
    • No installation required, CargOS can be PXE booted and it runs from memory
    • Or deploy to AWS in 30 seconds
  • Lightweight: full install with Docker takes about 150MB
  • No fluff, just what's needed to run Docker containers
    • But thanks to pkgin you can add all the extras you'll need
  • Things went south? Just rollback to the previous image